National Library Excursion, 12 November 2019

Photo: Liv Ingeborg Lied

Tuesday, 12 November 2019 the second autumn MOVE-meeting took place at the Map Center of the National Library. Center director Erling Sandmo introduced us to the collection and gave the talk “Maps and movements: representing a changing world.” We are very grateful to Erling for this wonderful opportunity to engage with early modern cartography, which many of us found helpful for our own research.

The readings for the meeting and the relevant literature mentioned during our session, is listed here.

National Library Excursion

12 November


Henrik Ibsens gate 110, Oslo

Dear colleagues,

The second autumn 2019 MOVE-meeting is fast-approaching. Erling Sandmo has generously agreed to guide us through the collections of the newly opened “Kartsenteret” at the National Library. Have a look at the wonderful, new center here:

In line with the general focus of MOVE, Sandmo will talk with us about “Maps and movements: representing a changing world.” In preparation of the meeting and to enable discussion, Sandmo challenges us to reflect on the following three questions: What is the world – in your material and in your research? How is space made present in the material you work with? How is movement across space represented, and how are barriers, connectivities and infrastructures imagined?

Sandmo also recommends that we read the two attached articles before the meeting:

  • Greg Anderson, “Retrieving the Lost Worlds of the Past: The Case for an Ontological Turn,” American Historical Review (2015): 786-81.
  • Michel Foucault, “Of Other Spaces: Utopias and Heterotopias,” Architecture/Mouvement/Continuité (1984/1967): [1-9].

We meet Tuesday 12 November, at 8:20 am at the stairs in front of the National Library (Henrik Ibsens gate 110/Solli plass). The tour/presentation starts at 8:30 sharp. Lunch will be served in the cantina at 11:00.  The formal program ends at 11:30.

Please let us know at your first convenience, and no later than Thursday 1 November, whether you will join us or not. We need the information to order lunch.

We look very much forward to seeing you there!

Fall Reading Seminar

17 September 2019


MF room 412

Literary figures and metaphors traveling across time and place: tracing (and challenging) a theoretical thread that starts with E.R. Curtius’ classic work on the tradition of European literature. Brief introduction by Kristin B.Aavitsland, comments by Matthew Monger, and Per Kristian Hovden Sætre. Plenary discussion.

You can find the related reading under the Literature tab.

Lunch to follow. Please inform us about any dietary restrictions.