MOVE is a multidisciplinary research group established in 2018 and situated at MF CASR.

MOVE explores the circulations and transformations of texts, images, concepts and material objects across time and space. MOVE invites discussion about the theoretical perspectives that currently inform studies of such cultural transfer, and aims to facilitate theoretical literacy and innovation.

The researchers associated with MOVE represent a broad range of humanistic disciplines, including Art History, Cultural History, Religious Studies, Biblical Studies, History of Ideas, Media Studies and Literary Studies. The multidisciplinary make-up of the research group allows its contributors to work collaboratively on different materials and media at the intersection between historical and contemporary enquiry.


MOVE aims to:

1) Systematize and explore relevant theories and methodologies from a wide range of fields in order to establish a shared pool of knowledge

2) Make those insights relevant and applicable to specific research projects connected to the group

3) Generate meta-reflection on cultural transmission, circulation and exchange in order to unpack disciplinary path-dependencies and inspire new theory building

4)  Explore new possibilities facilitated by the digital turn

MOVE is a forum for productive and supportive interchange among junior and senior faculty at MF and its associated partners. MOVE serves as a hub for research projects hosted at MF CASR or developed by MF faculty, including but not restricted to the projects INTERSECT (MF CASR/RCN), Perceptions and Receptions of Persia (MF), Tracing the Jerusalem Code (MF/RCN) and Books Known Only by Title (MF CASR/CAS Oslo).